*Where did you purchase your product?
*Have you reviewed the yellow insert with instructions, ammo type, etc. that came with your magazine purchase? 
****IMPORTANT, Most technical issues can be resolved by simply reading the insert that came with your magazine or by visiting our FAQ page.
​*What is the make of your 1911?
What type of account do you have with us?
​*What size frame is your 1911?
If you are unsure, please visit our 1911 size chart to determine size.
*Has the magazine ever been dropped to the ground?
*What is the age of the magazine you need support for?
*Approximately how many rounds have been fired through the magazine?
*Which CMC Mag are you needing Tech Support for?
*What is the round capacity in the Mag you are needing support for?
*Does the ammo (in your opinion) conform to the types of ammo recommended with your insert? The Model 1911 pistol was designed to function best with .45 ACP cartridges that use a bullet with a smooth contoured nose, seated to an overall length of 1.260 inches. Model 1911 pistols chambered for the .38 Super cartridge also function best with bullets having a smooth contoured nose and an overall length of 1.260 inches. In pistols chambered for the 9mm cartridge, the best bullet shape is one with a smooth, rounded side and nose profile. Those projectiles should be seated so that the overall length of the cartridge is at least 1.150 inches. 
*In the box below, please provide us with a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing with your magazine, then hit "SUBMIT"
CMC Mags Tech Support Form
Please fill out all information. Fields marked with* are required.  Our Support Staff Needs This Information in order to assist you. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR FRAME SIZE, please visit our 1911 Size Chart to determine whether your 1911 is full sized or compact.  
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​*What is the model of your 1911?

*Exactly what type of bullet is the ammo loaded with?
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Full SizeCompact
0-6 Months1-3 Years3-5 Years5+ Years
0-100 100-500500-1000Over 1000
Power MagPower Mag+RPM-Railed Power MagMatch GradeShooting Star ClassicXP .38 SuperXP 9mmNone (Parts)
7 Rd8 Rd10 RdNone (Parts)
YesNoI have not read the insertI have no idea
Round Nosed FMJJacketed Hollow PointTruncated Flat NoseSemi-Wadcutter