CMC MAGS - You Get What You Pay For...

All Power Mag™ Series and Match Grade™ Series mags are designed for extra heavy duty usage and 100% built in the USA on CMC’s own complete sets of tooling (which is quite rare since almost all other 1911mags are built on the same generic tooling and then re-labeled by dozens of other brands). CMC’s higher quality and innovative designs are unique. CMC mags are held to die controlled tolerances that are 75% tighter than the decades old Military Specifications common among all the generic re-labeled 1911 mags.
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$200 reward for information leading to the prosecution of any entity infringing on CMC Trademarks. 
"Match Grade" "Power Mag" "Power Mag+" and "Classic Shooting Star" are registered Trademarks of Chip McCormick Custom, LLC (No Unauthorized Use Allowed)
+ New Follower Design 100% Aluminum Frame Safe!

+ New 10rd Base Has 60 Angle For Mag Wells

+ Heavy Duty Construction For Extra Heavy Duty Usage

+ 100% Made in The USA

8rd & 10rd .45acp 1911 Mags
Magazine Size, Reliability, Function & Service Life All Depend On 

     The Power+ follower is such that it is more stabilized and remains within the confines of the magazine tube. Of course, as the long history of all Power Series magazines has proven; no other brand matches up with the complete combination of quality, reliability, service life and customer satisfaction of CMC’s Series magazines.  CMC’s all steel followers are far superior in strength, never wear out, are impervious to heat and have virtually unlimited service life.  CMC’s unique follower designs require only a bare minimum of bearing surface contact to the inner walls of magazine tubes. Less bearing surface yields greater margins for continued reliable function when used in gritty and/or grimey environments, and/or when cleaning and maintenance is not practical in between usages. 

     All of CMC’s unique follower designs are such that the followers themselves are also springs, yielding additional strength to that of the common coil type spring that all 1911 magazines incorporate. CMC’s follower designs allow for each of the “Rocket” wire spring coils to be wider and longer in coil design throughout the length of the spring, yielding superior spring strength by design as compared to any other brand of extra capacity 1911 magazines. The combination of CMC’s follower (a spring itself) and larger spring coil designs yields more strength in any given length of magazine tube. 

 Optional Base Pads for 8rd Power Mag™ Series magazines.




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