It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Practice Smart – Don’t Kill Your Mags

2. Use Dummy Rounds When Practicing Reloads

3. Protect Your Mags from Hard Surfaces

CMC magazines are made from the best materials. The metal is heat treated for optimum hardness to make them resistant to fatigue and damage under normal usage. The Power Series Mags are made of 410 Stainless Steel. Here is what you need to know to get the Maximum Service Life from your magazines.

1. Practice Smart – Don’t Kill Your Mags – The key to reliable feeding of your 1911 pistol is your magazine feed lips. Slamming fully loaded magazines into a pistol at Slide Lock greatly increases the pressure on the feed lips. Repeated impacts are the most common cause of spreading open the feed lips. Do it enough times and you can fatigue the metal. Keep reloads at Slide Lock to a minimum to increase service life of your magazines. Reloads made with the slide forward (in battery) places little or no stress on the feed lips. 

2. Use Dummy Rounds When Practicing Reloads – Our favorite dummy rounds are the plastic ones because they are lightweight. They do not stress the feed lips the way heavy metal ones do. If you are going to practice with metal dummy rounds, load only 2 rounds in the magazine to reduce the weight of impact on the feed lips.

3. Protect Your Mags from Hard Surfaces - The repeated dropping of magazines on hard 
ground especially with rounds in the magazine is another cause of metal and feed lip fatigue. 
To reduce this kind of abuse and increase service life many shooters practice reloads with a pad on the ground to cushion the impact of the magazines being dropped.


ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when assembling or disassembling magazines and make sure no one else is in dangerously near you. Be careful to keep the magazine pointed away from your face. Remember the parts are under heavy spring loads and the springs and other parts can fly loose at high velocities potentially causing injury to you or others.

For Disassembly: Make sure you pay close attention to the location and position of each component, and how each component is oriented to all the other components. This will be critical for reassembly! The base pad on the bottom has a hole in it that accesses the retainer plunger. Using a pin punch or similar tool that fits within the hole, push the retainer plunger inward about 1/8th inch, and at the same time slide the base pad forward and remove it from the magazine tube.

Next, you will see the retainer plate, slide it out of position and be prepared for the spring to extend out of the bottom. However, sometimes the spring stays compressed within the mag tube. Either way, begin to carefully remove the spring from the bottom. Remember that the springs under tension can fly out of the tube. Once the spring is removed, remove the follower from the top end of the magazine tube.

For Reassembly: It is almost the reverse of disassembly except you'll need to place the follower in its upper most position against the feed lips of the magazine tube and make sure it remains in that position until the spring is installed with enough spring pressure to keep the follower in place against the feed lips. Next slide the retainer plate under the spring, then slide the base pad into place. Make sure the front of the base pad is fully seated against the front of the magazine tube, and visually inspect it to be certain the retainer plunger is fully seated within the hole in the bottom of the base pad. Sometimes it is necessary to tap the front bottom of the base pad on a hard surface in order for the base pad to fully slide it into place on the magazine tube and for the retainer plunger to be fully seated within the hole in the bottom of the base pad.

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How To Get The Longest Life From Your Magazines...

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